It all began in 2009 when the first outsider from Australia came to RIYUE Bay, China. RIYUE Bay as a typical fishing village did not have its fame of surfing despite it has the most beautiful surfing spot in China. However, everything changed since the Australian surfer started paddling out in RIYUE Bay for the first time and later on he introduced and taught the locals basic concept and techniques of surfing. During the time, the number of surfers was going up but the local surfing industry was not present, most of the surfers could not have much option on fins and could not afford the imported branded fins from other countries. 


To change the situation and meet the demand of those local surfers, we started manufacturing our fins since 2011. At the beginning, we collected many different fin templates from the foreigner surfers and drew a massive number of simple sketches and then we put those sketches into production. Heaps of defective fins had been produced and we just kept trying to find the best specifications.  Year by years, we now have several series after thousands of failures and we are lucky that many surfers in Bali, Brazil and Europe love our products. Thanks for the unknown first Australian surfer in RIYUE Bay.



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